De Gudde Wëllen’s HOUSE OF AUCTION

25 mai. 2020
De Gudde Wëllen’s HOUSE OF AUCTION

Auteur: De Gudde Wëllen

Inspired by the generous proposal of the artist Sarah Mandres to collect funds for the Club by selling one of her paintings, we came up with an idea: To create an online exhibition with 30 artists that we feel are in one way or another related to De Gudde Wëllen (some are friends, other have contributed to shaping the Club over the years, others are concert or party regulars), and to provide a platform for them to sell their art while additionally raising funds for the Club.

This initiative is for:

  • All arts enthusiast, who get to take a look at 57 different pieces created by contemporary artists
  • All arts collectors, who might broaden their collection with a piece acquired during these memorable times 
  • The artists, out of which some are battling the Covid19 crisis related austerity and need to be promoted
  • Our Culture Club which, by taking a share from the final raised amounts, will be able to cover some of its running costs.

The website is now online, and the auction starts this Friday at 10am. Last bids will be taken on June 5th, at 8pm.