22 nov. 2022

With Patrizia Luchetta & Oliver Glassl. Hosted by Mélanie de Jamblinne de Meux

In this eleventh episode, Patrizia Luchetta and Oliver Glassl talk about the The Sound of Data: Science Meets Music and more broadly about data sonification. First, we will talk about The Sound of Data project and the many applications of sonified data: in our daily lives, for research, for communication purposes, or in an artistic context. You will also find out about upcoming and not-to-be-missed events within the framework of the project. Eventually, our guests will also recommend tools to try out sonification or listen to sonified data.

Next events:

26 November at the Rockhal: Researchers Days, two workshops for all (from 4 y/o to 99+).

3 December at the Rockhal: Closing Event with the showcase of the 11 compositions of the artists in residence, Valery Vermeulen (performance of his original commissioned piece for the Sound of Data project) and Max Cooper, the headliner.

More info about The Sound of Data: https://www.thesoundofdata.lu/

Info & registration for the final event on 3 December: https://www.thesoundofdata.lu/events/how-to-make-music-with-data/

Data sonification podcast, created by Duncan Geere and Miriam Quick: https://www.loudnumbers.net/

Valery Vermeulen’s album Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001: EPK_Mikromedas_AdSCFT001 – valeryvermeulen.net

A free open-source web app to turn data into music : https://twotone.io/

The Sound of Data: Science Meets Music

“Sonification” is basically visualizing for the ears. You take a data set, some kind of information, and create sounds with it.

For The Sound of Data project, scientific data will be used – traffic data, historical data, data from crowdsourcing art and 3D body scan data, all collected by researchers from the University of Luxembourg and LIST, to generate sounds, which will then be used by musicians to compose new tracks, and to be performed live on stage.

The Sound of Data was officially kicked off on 1 May 2022 at Rockhal with activities for families, tech geeks and musicians alike, and ends, again at Rockhal, on 3 December 2022 with a musical extravaganza. In between there have been several activities offering hands-on workshops, and additional insights about sonification. And on November 26th The Sound of Data will be present at the Researchers’ Days.

Many know Belval as the place where research happens, where data, the main driver of science, is generated, where students hang out. And many (others) know Belval as the place to go if you want to play music or hang out listening to music. But how often do these two worlds really meet and communicate? The Sound of Data project stands for creating bridges between these two worlds, for openness, for curious encounters, for blending scientific and musical creativity. The Sound of Data is where science meets music.

Oliver Glassl

Oliver Glassl is an educational management professional with long-term experience in academic teaching and curriculum development. His education includes degrees in speech and language therapy as well as business administration. His research in the field of neurorehabilitation has given rise to various publications. He is currently working as a project manager at the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine at the University of Luxembourg and he is a member of the DESCOM team which engages in promoting science communication activities at various levels. He is furthermore a musician and composer with more than 30 years’ experience on stage.

Patrizia Luchetta

Patrizia Luchetta is a connector, with a 20yr+ international career across industries and economic sectors; in both the private and public sector. After having had the privilege to develop and implement Luxembourg’s national strategy in the field of biomedical life sciences, she decided to venture back into the private sector and use her expertise to help associations and individuals to refine their strategic goals, regarding communication and marketing; and to pursue her passion for everything art-related by founding Charlotte in red, a non-profit organization which aims at creating bridges between women artists, the corporate world and sustainability related issues.

Mélanie de Jamblinne de Meux

Mélanie de Jamblinne de Meux is project coordinator for over 50 community lead projects in the Esch2022 programme. She has contributed to several exhibitions organised by Lët’z Arles, which is a cultural organisation that each year supports and promotes Luxembourg artists at the Rencontres d’Arles photography festival. Before that she was communication, marketing & event manager at Smets, a European high-end luxury store merging fashion, design and art. Since 2018 she is a Board Member of Lët’z Arles and Amis des Musées Luxembourg, where she co-founded the Young Friends of Museums, a dedicated programme for young art enthusiasts.


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In collaboration with culture.lu and Radio ARA

Recorded on 14 November 2022 in Esch-Alzette.

Opening jingle and ambiance: Andrea Mancini (aka Cleveland) andreamancini.cc

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