DigiTraining, Digital & Audiovisual Capacity Building for Accessible Heritage

DigiTraining, Digital & Audiovisual Capacity Building for Accessible Heritage

avr. 17 2021


DigiTraining, Digital & Audiovisual Capacity Building for Accessible Heritage, a project Co-funded by the European Commission under the Creative Europe Programme, has launched an Open Call for European cultural heritage institutions.

Innovation through new technologies is an urgent need across the sector!

The digital shift in the cultural heritage sector is an exciting, but for many challenging, adventure: Successful applicants will receive training and support as they aspire to innovate and integrate new technologies in their organisations. For some this means personalised and tailor-made support and digital production services directly adapted to their needs and mission to facilitate accessibility to culture.

An amazing range of possibilities for capacity building!

Participants of the programme have one of three routes as the Programme is structured in 3 levels: the General Programme will provide 60 organisations with a combined training on digital and audiovisual technology, as well as on digital-related management; the Specific Programme will provide up to 6 organisations with mentoring through a specific training programme resulting in a strongly increased capacity in digital skills as well as in strategy and management tools to deal with them; finally, through the Qualified Programme a maximum of 3 selected organisations will benefit at no cost from the production of a virtual or augmented reality audiovisual project specifically adapted to their mission and narrative, together with the strategic and managerial advice to best integrate it in their activities.

Calling all small and midsize museums to take advantage of this opportunity!

The call, which is now open for applications, is addressed to small or midsize museums, as well as other tangible or intangible heritage organisations with open facilities accessible to the public, based in one of the Creative Europe Programme countries.

Application process is open for a limited time only!

The deadline for applications is May 31st, 2021, at 23:00 (CET).
The different DigiTraining activities will take place, depending on each specific Programme, between June 2021 and May 2022.

Get to know DigiTraining

DigiTraining, Digital & Audiovisual Capacity Building for Accessible Heritage is a project funded by the European Commission under the Creative Europe Programme and will run until July 2022. It is implemented by a consortium led by the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH) based in Greece. The consortium is joined by France’s largest private non-profit research and technological structure ARMINES, Portugal based innovation specialists INOVA+ and Denmark’s Khora, a leader in virtual reality and augmented reality production in cultural heritage. The Consortium is completed by two organisations providing expertise of the European cultural and creative sector needs and structures: Culture & Media Agency Europe aisbl (CUMEDIAE), from Belgium, and C-FACTOR, from France.

Want to get involved?

For more information and to apply to the Call, visit our website https://digitraining-heritage.eu/ . More questions? Contact us at comms@digitraining-heritage.eu.