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Dancers in the air (© Gabriel Saldana (CC BY-SA 2.0) )

Appel à candidatures: INSTANT ACTS contre la violence et le racisme 2017

Délai de candidature: 31/05/2017


Interkunst e.V. à Berlin cherche de jeunes artistes pour sa prochaine tournée de théâtre et de musique "INSTANT ACTS against violence and racism".

Plus d'information est disponible en anglais.

Plus d'information

Interkunst e.V., located in Berlin, is looking for young performing artists for their upcoming theatre and music tour "INSTANT ACTS against violence and racism".

The project takes place in Germany and Italy (South Tyrol) and is from September 3 until October 28, 2017. We are looking for performers - soloists or duos, between 18 and 30, who are involved in theatre, dance, music, circus (no aerial acts), x-sport, etc. We want to create an international ensemble of 15 talented and creative people who are open for new experiences. We want to reach out to a young audience and explore different aspects of violence, racism and islamophobia. We believe art is a powerful educational tool.

Travel, board, lodging and a salary are provided for each artist.
Deadline for applying is May 31, 2017 by email: instantacts[at]

[More information to apply]


Interkunst e.V.


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