Exploring Beckett

Samuel Beckett
Accueil/ théâtre en anglais


(Malheureusement ce texte n'existe pas en français.)

Director: Timothy Lone
Performers: Gianfranco Celestino, Ann Comfort, Rhona Richards and Caspar Schjelbred
Lighting design: Jeanny Kratochwil
Properties: Paul Biwer
Sound/Music: Kevin Boor
Assistant: Max Jadin
Stage Crew: Claude Faber

En savoir plus

Exploring Beckett, performed by The Story In Motion Project, offers the opportunity to see five of Samuel Beckett’s most influential short plays. In 1969 Beckett was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and he is today regarded as a towering figure in 20th century writing.

Act Without Words II

A mime with two protagonists delineate the routines of life.
Not I

A pitch-black space. A spotlight fixes on the actors mouth. The mouth utters jumbled sentences at a ferocious pace and obliquely tells a woman's story.
A woman sits in a rocking chair listening to memories and details of her own life and that of her dead mother’s.
May paces back and forth on a strip of bare landing outside her dying - if not already dead - mother's room.
Beckett's most overtly political play. Dedicated to the former Eastern Bloc dissident playwright, Vaclav Havel.

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08/12/2016 - 18/12/2016

18/12/2016 17h30
Jeudi, 08/12/2016
Vendredi, 09/12/2016

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