Start the new year with Friskis&Svettis - for free!

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Start the new year with Friskis&Svettis - for free!

Friskis&Svettis, the Swedish Fitness Club, is offering unlimited FREE classes from January 1-14!  Come to any of our locations, try as many classes as you’d like, and don’t be shy to bring a friend.  We have a variety of classes that will make you groove to the music: aerobics, weightlifting, yoga/flexibility, fitness boxing, intensive cardio, dance, and more!

We offer classes in Kirchberg, Limpertsberg, Muhlenbach,Merl and Mamer.
Join one of our many classes, each with their own focus.

We are a non-profit organization based in Sweden.  We've expanded and made Luxembourg our home for the last 16 years.

Come and join us! 

Description of all classes, schedule and venues  www.friskis.lu
Contact e-mail: info@friskis.lu 

What is F&S? F&S is a volunteer based sports organisation with Swedish origins, counting 500 000 members. During the year, F&S Luxembourg offers engaging and accessible exercise of high-quality for everybody, men, women, young and old. 7/7 days a week, at lunchtime and in the evening, at competitive prices! An annual membership gives access to all classes  for only 195€, the summer outdoor sessions are free.

Sessions range from the classical Start, Basic and Medium aerobics sessions, to classes that focus on dance, strength (Barbell, Box, Power Hour, Core) or cardiovascular exercises (Basic, Medium), and softer classes such Flex and Yoga. F&S also has a programme of outdoor sessions such as Cross-Training. Friskis&Svettis is family friendly, with sessions for younger children and their parents (Family for children 2-6 years) and juniors (Junior  for children 7-12 years). Babysitting offered during some of the adults’ classes in Ecole Française.

Over 500 members enjoy the fun way to exercise in Luxembourg! Follow us on Facebook

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E-mail (Contact): info@friskis.lu
Internet: www.friskis.lu

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- Friskis et Svettis Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG - Luxembourg

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01/01/2017 - 14/01/2017

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