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In 2005, Julian Sands was approached by the Nobel Prize winning playwright and poet Harold Pinter to prepare a selection of his poems for a special presentation in London. Pinter “apprenticed” Mr. Sands, spending hours sharing his feelings on how his work should be delivered. Every pause, every nuance in tone had and has meaning.

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(Malheureusement ce texte n'existe pas en français.)

A bond was established between the author Harold Pinter and the actor Julian Sands - one that gives a distinctive and very personal voice to Pinter’s words. This extraordinary collaboration became the foundation for a wonderfully rich, humorous and fascinating solo show directed by John Malkovich.
A Celebration of Harold Pinter  is an evening of  Homeric theater with an extraordinary actor, great words and an  audience. Devoid of pretension or glittery trappings, A Celebration of Harold Pinter gets to the soul of the man-poet, playwright, husband, political activist, Nobel winner, mortal. Performances at the Edinburgh Festival in 2011 and in New York at The Irish Repertory Theatre were followed by engagements at Steppenwolf in Chicago, Herbst Theatre in San Francisco as well as in Los Angeles, Mexico City, Budapest, London, and Paris. A Celebration of Harold Pinter was nominated for a 2013 Drama Desk Award
British actor Julian Sands is frequently seen worldwide in films, on stage and on television. He trained in London at The Central School of Speech and Drama and has appeared in over 100 films including The Killing Fields, A Room With A View, Impromptu, Leaving Las Vegas, Arachnophobia, Oceans13 and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. On television, he is best known for his role on 24 but has also been seen on Dexter, Smallville, Ghost Whisperer and Banshee.
After Les liaisons dangereuses in 2013, the TNL presents again a play directed by John Malkovich in an exciting evening which shows Pinter more as poet than as playwright. austere, ascetic and restrained performance, one that captures the pugnacity, precision,
and a little of the dry humor of an exacting writer. Variety
... when he reads Pinter’s poems... you feel the playwright’s presence. The New York Times
Director: John Malkovich
With: Julian Sands

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