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The "TROATERBATTIEN" were founded some 27 years ago at a conference in Bitburg (Germany) when seven musicians decided to make music. That day their musical presentation was such a success that several immediate engagements followed by request.

Rapidly the Band became popular with its potpourri of popular music and grew from the initial seven musicians to today's smallscale wind band of roughly 30 artists of retired professionals and high level amateur musicians.

Currently the Band plays 15 to 20 concerts every year all over the world. The Troaterbattien performed at the World Exhibition in Sevilla in 1992, at the European Summit in Dublin in 1993, toured Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin both in 1990 and 1994. They performed in Spain in 1996 and Romania in 2000. They have played for official celebrations, for state banquets and at international summits in Luxembourg.

The repertoire ranges from German "um-pah" type music such as the "Beer Barrel Polka" to numerous European folksongs arranged in "James Last" style. The program range included modern symphonic wind band music, including one complete program specifically written for he band by the Italian-Luxembourg composer, Asca Rampini : Euromedley. The composition is a presentation representing all member countries of the European Union in music, word and image. It is performed with a slide show background while the band plays.

The name of the Band is in fact a nickname from Luxembourg's own language, a blend of German, Dutch and French. It comes from two words : "Troater" from the German, die Tröte, which loosely describes any kind of horn, and "Batti" the local short form for the name, Jean Baptiste, meaning simply "a jolly good fellow". Thus the name of the band translates into "The Jolly Good Fellows with their Horns". And that really describes what this band is all about - a bunch of old friends enjoying playing their instruments together and trying their best to pass their own enjoyment on the oudience. A fete that they accomplish with lighthearted ease and great success !

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