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Red Rock Skatepark

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The skatepark project

2005, the first rocks began to roll.

The project started with the collaboration of the association with
people like: Xavier Thill, Alex Welter and Dan Gontrel. First of all we had to
convince the mayor of our ideas and projects. This was thankfully achieved,
through reasoning, beliefs and motivation, in a progressive and positive way.
The first ideas taking shape, the designing could begin. Initially the first drawings
were made by locals so we could get an idea what was needed

At that point, the architect (Stefan Jakobs, Ernst & Partner) and his Expert
(Axel Reicherts) from Trier joined our team and a few Workshops with the
locals were organised in order to see what the real needs were.
It was decided to divide the skatepark in 30% of pool area and 70% of street
area! After only 3 Workshops we received the first layout of the future skatepark
giving us a basis on which to work on.

In 2007, the council of our neighbouring town decided that they would also
build a skatepark. Why not? The only problem was that our project was unfortunately
suspended for one year because the councils of the two towns had to
discuss the situation. In the end and to our great relief it was decided to share
the expenses of the project between the two councils.

After this major delay the works could restart again and the project became
more and more concrete. We organised immediately 3 more Workshops and
the result was that we came more and more closer to the final layout. Details
and Mistakes were analyzed and where necessary edited and Improved. At
that time, the collaboration with the “ association” had worsened
so much that we couldn’t continue our partnership. In the end we found together

The Plans were finalized and the deadline for the start of the construction drew
closer. But first, we had to find another associate to build this beauty. Matt
Grabowski and his Team (Minus-Ramps) joined in and finally the construction
could start.

The construction of the skatepark started on 15 May 2009 and from that very
moment on time seemed to slow down as we were waiting for the park to
become ready.

The grand opening on October 24th, a rainy day, was a great success. On that
occasion we also introduced to the people present the inauguration our newly
founded association. So now the Red Rocks Team is proud to introduce to you
the first concrete skatepark in our country.

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- Red Rocks a.s.b.l , SCHIFFLANGE - Luxembourg

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