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Hi everybody

Not long ago we founded the RED ROCKS a.s.b.l, it is an association which
was build on friendship, solidarity, beliefs and motivation. Cruicial point to
found this association was the skatepark project, around we’re going to move
our activities! The funny thing about our Team is, that it was founded so lately
because the entire community of us knew each other for so long and skated
together for many years.

For the further Future we’re going to have many activities, works and developings
in prospect. A lot of these got to do whith: ,, urban understanding, new
sport understanding, youth movement, envolving generations and the motivation
to creativity”. So far we could reach we’re aiming to get Kids away from
TV too, and motivates them to get out and have fun.

There are a few specific goals we want to reach: ,, first we will work on events
such as a big contest in summer, organize youth activities or workshops perhaps
a graffitti Jam and later on traveling whith Kids in other skateparks”.

To reach our goals we need financial support, the first we will do is to manage
this on our own.
For further support we’re open to get some.

Your Red Rocks Team

Bâtiments en relation

- Red Rock Skatepark , SCHIFFLANGE - Luxembourg

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