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Hackerspace, Strassen


Le hackerspace de syn2cat est un espace ouvert de 120 mètres carrés pour bidouilleurs.

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(Malheureusement ce texte n'existe pas en français.)

Our friendly environment enables you to work on your own or community projects. We have all the tools you'd ever require and will even buy those you don't. Produce your own objects with our Makerbot (3D printer), flash your microcontrollers with our µC programmers, pilot a quadrokopter, etch your own circuit boards, use our library, or become a member of the team that produces the Lët'z Hack radio show. There's still more services, and infrastructure the space puts at your disposal and by becoming a member, you support a unique infrastructure in all of Luxembourg.

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Please refer to our webpage to find out whether we're open!

Organisations reliées

- Syn2cat, STRASSEN - Luxembourg
- Syn2cat, STRASSEN - Luxembourg

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- Level2 HackerSpace, LUXEMBOURG - Luxembourg

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Hackerspace, Strassen

11 rue du Cimetière



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