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Studios 352

Created in Luxembourg in early 1997 by Stephan Roelants, Studio 352 has become today one of the oldest animation studios in Europe.

The company is built on a fixed and multi-talented team made up of about forty staffs brought together to generate a true professional synergy, and to create and develop an internationally acknowledged artistic quality.

Our structure covers the 2D/3D pre-production line, from the character, prop and background designs creation to the story-boards, layouts and expo sheets realisation. Of course, Studio 352 ensures the complete process of 3D creation, from modelling to layout, animation, rendering and compositing.

Since the beginning of 2007, the company has been developing a graphic department oriented towards advertisement, architecture and hyper-realistic security/formation.


Melusine Productions

Melusine Productions is a subsidiary office of Studio 352 that was created in 1998 to enable the Studio to develop its own projects and to take part in international programs. This company is the production organ aiming at developing projects in production and  coproduction; organising them; financing and managing the commercialization rights  portfolio.

The objective is to hold and develop copyrights in quality productions, with a maximum of 20% for international productions ans a majority for our own productions.

This way, for the last few years, we have been developing solid European partnerships with, among others, the Belgian company Amtoys – one of the world leaders in cuddly toys with its brand Noukies, from which the first season of the derived animates series (developed by Studio 352) was distributed in more than 110 countries – or the French company Les Armateurs, producer of Kirikou, Les Triplettes de Belleville and T'choupi, to name a few.

Melusine Productions is seeking to further its ambitions of originality and inventiveness through meticulous and unusual projects, such as The Tell Tale Heart by Raul Garcia (in partnership with R&R Communications, Kandor Graphics), which will form part of the feature film Edgar Allan Poe's Extraordinary tales, currently in development (a five adaptations of the writer's stories anthology, narrated by Christopher Lee and Bela Lugosi); the furiously funny Panique au Village by Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patard (in  partnership with La Parti Productions); or the ambitious projects Ernest & Célestine based  on Gabrielle Vincent's books (in partnership with Les Armateurs) and Le Jour des Corneilles by Serge Elissalde (in partnership with Finalement).


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