Vanishing Valletta

Vanishing Valletta (© David Pisani)

Vanishing Valletta

Photographies de David Pisani, Au-delà de l'archive.


Vanishing Valletta

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In 1982 photographer David Pisani embarked on a personal project to document the city of Valletta and the surrounding harbor area. What started as a photo essay of the derelict buildings in the city would evolve into an epic documentation of Valletta spanning 29 years. Vanishing Valletta is an exhaustive photographic essay on the port city of Valletta and the surrounding Grand harbor area at a time when the city had fallen into relative disuse and abandonment. The collection of around 200 images selected from thousands of negatives was first exhibited in the Biennale of Photography in Paris in 1996 under the title La Valette et le Grand Port - Portrait d'une Capitale Maritime. In June 2000 thirty original prints from this series were entered in the Permanent collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. All documents are born of graphic and even traumatic experience and interaction, portrayals of the fugitive nature of time, the brevity of human existence and, in the case of Valletta, the inexorable metamorphosis of a city. One cannot omit the anatomy of time itself which enables the sensitive inner eye to enter through the closed doors and barricaded windows and into the lifestyles of the poor but colorful inhabitants of the city, sharing their dreams and aspirations, their laughter, their sadness and their tears; disdaining the luxury and comfort which the world had withheld from them. The camera alone cannot transcend this pathos of existence. An affinity for the aesthetic, a deep-seated love of architectural forms, and a first hand experience of the erotic nature of cities are indispensable to the document that aspires to be art and not mere record. Contrary to most journalistic documentary, the deliberate excluding of people-in-the-flesh includes many more types than it leaves out, eluding the trap of cliché and stereotype. Pisani gives fair play to the multisided kaleidoscope of mankind in all the splendor and tragedy of its variety. Organization: Organisation: neimenster / Collaboration: Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU2017

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