cats, birds, rubber ducky

cats, birds, rubber ducky

Exhibition: Life Circle and a Loveletter to the Alzette

Kulturschapp Artist In Residence Samantha Stankiewicz

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Everything touches,
life interweaves
Starlight and wood-smoke,
ashes and leaves
Birdsong and thunder,
acid and rain
Everything touches, unbroken chain
by Roger Mcgough

On the weekends of the 15 and 16, 22 and 23 October, South African artist Samantha Stankiewicz will be in art residence at Kulturschapp for 2 weeks. Her exhibition Life Circle and a Loveletter to the Alzette will be on display. „ The first part of the exhibition shall consist of a body of paintings and drawings relating to life cycles and metamorphosis, an obsession of the artist.
„ This body or rather patchwork of work aims to capture movement, conflict and change happening in everyday life. I chose to work on a series of long canvasses to create a strip along the walls depicting different stages of life cycles and metamorphosis. This year I´ve wished to realise various ideas through experimenting with different mediums. The second part of the exhibition is a series of paper cut outs where one layer of paper is torn through to expose another, which refers to movement from one space into another.
The third part of the exhibition will be a series of faked fossils created using sand and gypsum. The `fossils`allude to time and suggest that our environment and society is always undergoing change. And also on display will be Loveletter to the Alzette, a 2 meter long work of art using framed chicken wire  as a canvas and found objects. This will be made during the period of residence at Kulturschapp. I would like to create a sense of time flowing and how life is a series of interwoven events both positive and negative.

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14-10-2016 - 23-10-2016

14:00 – 18:00
14-10-2016 19:00 (Vernissage)
Friday, 14-10-2016
Saturday, 15-10-2016

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