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Une fois et pas plus (© Courtesy Galerie les filles du calvaire, Paris)

Corinne Mercadier : Une fois et pas plus

Photography in open space

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“Once time only” is a metaphor of the finiteness of all things and living creatures. Corinne Mercadier expresses what is a categorical fact, the universally acknowledged inescapable principle of life: the beginning of every story inexorably leads to its end.
Disregarding this ontological and slightly oppressive reality reveals a photographic series that is also subtle and ambiguous, joyful and dreamlike. The figurative motifs recount the mythical tales of the wind, this mystifying and unbridled phenomenon that eludes the eye, time and gravity. Here the wind is attired in human clothing, wrapped in a delicate light envelope tailor-made by the photographer. For an ephemeral and magical instant, this garment provides a body to the shapeless element. With its new silhouette, the wind transforms into a player and a hunter in its encounters with human beings. The momentum of its flight encompasses everything: euphoria, magic, mystery, dreams, adventure, desire, energy, strength and much more. Its complicity with anonymous individuals is sketchy and fleeting, its appearance a one-off, its disappearance forever.


Born in 1955, Corinne Mercadier lives and works in Paris and is represented by Galerie Les filles du calvaire. She owns an Agrégation d’Arts Plastiques et Licence d’Histoire de l’Art from the Uiversity of Provence.
Until 2008, Corinne Mercadier worked with a Polaroid SX 70, taking pictures which she then enlarged in a variety of formats. In 2000 Corinne Mercadier took yet another direction, creating sculptures which she photographed as they were flung into the air. Work from this period includes the series Une fois et pas plus [Once time only], 2000-2002, La Suite d'Arles, 2003, Figure Eight in Flight, 2006, and Long Distance, 2005-2007. She also continues her practice of drawing, both as preparatory work for sculptures and compositions, and as a practice apart from photography.  Since 2008 she has worked with digital materials, which have fundamentally transformed her actual shooting process as well as the aesthetics of her compositions.
Corinne Mercadier's work is in the collections of La Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris; FNAC, Paris; La Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris; and the Polaroid Corporation Collection, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her books have been published by the Éditions Filigranes, including a monograph by Actes Sud (2007).

Text:  A.Meyer, Clervaux - cité de l'image
English Translation : Claire Weyland



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