Urban Voyage

Urban Voyage (© Claude Piscatelli)

Urban Voyage

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Apéro-Jazz, Spring Sessions Urban Voyage

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Let us take you for a ride! Featuring 11 musicians from all over Europe, Pol Belardi's Urban Voyage will present to you a sonic journey difficult to put into one box, unheard, fresh, which could be called hyper-eclecto-jazz. Pol Belardi's Urban Voyage stands for border-crossing music which couldn't be more diverse, played by an 11-piece band consisting of outstanding young performers that, despite their strong individual personnalities, have succeeded in developing a coherent and compact group dynamic. With lots of finesse, the young award-winning Luxembourgish multi-instrumentalist and composer Pol Belardi takes you on a journey through a variety of styles, which could be regrouped under the term of "urban music". Just like the immense diversity of sense-triggering stimuli of all kinds ever-present in metropolitan life, the band's eclectic repertoire draws as much from electronic styles like hip-hop and r'n'b as from jazz tradition, flirting at times with impressionistic music, and evolving around subtle arrangements and through improvised parts. Yet, the result. Line up : Loran Witteveen (NL) - p Eran Har Even (IL) - g Jeroen Batterink (NL) - dr Natanael Ramos Garcia (ES) - tp Pit Dahm (LU) - vb Efe Erdem (TR) - tb Fernando Sanchez (ES) - bars Itai Weissman (IL) - sax Mara Minjoli (DE) - voc Jérôme Klein (LU) - synth Pol Belardi (LU) - b, comp Organization: neimënster

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- neimënster - Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, LUXEMBOURG - Luxembourg

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11:00 – 12:00 (Salle Robert Krieps)
Sunday, 26-03-2017

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Tel: 262052444

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