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THE IRISH FOLK FESTIVAL 2016 -100 years of Irish revolution revisited

The year 2016 sees the 100th anniversary of the Irish revolution, which means 100 years of independence for the Republic of Ireland. The revolution, also known as the Easter Rising, was led by writers, poets, trade unionists and Irish patriots.
The Irish language, Irish music and Gaelic sports were elements which united this group of assorted idealists, some of whom sacrificed their lives for freedom.
100 years later, Irish folk music and the Gaelic language are more vibrant than ever. They constitute the Irish DNA, and how better could this be expressed than with the 43rd edition of the Irish Folk Festival?
With BEOGA, Aoife Scott Band, Aodán Coyne &  Teresa Horgan & Matt Griffin

Take advantage of our combined ticket to obtain the best seats and to taste a fabulous buffet of Irish specialists from 18.00 in our restaurant La Coquille!
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Entrence from: 18:30

BEOGA • New wave trad
The quintet known as Beoga has become a true institution and one of the most important groups to have been produced on the “Green Island”. At the turn of the millennium, it triggered a musical revolution with its innovative style, giving a new interpretation to traditional Irish folk music and catapulting it to an exciting future. The group recognised that, in the era of the World Wide Web, ethnic music could no longer hide in its shell. Performers must also familiarise themselves with other styles of music from around the world and integrate them in their own musical vocabulary. No sooner said than done. Beoga created a musical language which has inspired hundreds of other Celtic groups to start out on exciting voyages to discover world music. As a pioneer, the group has been invited to the largest music festivals around the world, and been showered with prizes and awards. It has made the headlines in magazines and performed in the most prestigious concert venues. Its way of musical arrangement can be called “new wave trad”, which you might also call a “return to the future”. Beoga delights its audiences with its skills and the joy of its playing! Visitors to the IFF 2005 will certainly still recall some emotional moments with those exciting young musicians.

Aoife Scott Band • A keen voice for social justice
The young lady belongs to the Irish folk dynasty, the Black Family. Her aunt is Mary Black and her mother Francis Black. Songs were a part of her family’s everyday life. Awareness of the role played by a folk singer in society, and the tasks arising from this, has also been maintained. Aoife (pronounced Ifa) aims to be the voice of the people. Her objective is social justice. She knows the extent to which the population suffered from the banking crisis and that the crisis did not fall from the skies above the Green Island. It was the elite of her own country who made mistakes and who must assume a large degree of responsibility. Aoife is one of the rare artists to make this link today and to include it in her programme. In Ireland, she is frequently called “a keen voice of social justice”. We confer on today’s rebels the task of honouring yesterday’s rebels during this anniversary of the Easter Rising.

The beauty of simplicity
Aodán (pronounced Eidaan) Coyne has been at centre stage of the Irish folk scene over recent years, as a vocalist and guitarist in the group “Socks in the Frying Pan”. Before “Socks”, as fans affectionately call the group, perform at IFF 2017, Aodán is served as a delicious appetiser. Last year, the artist released an impressive solo album, entitled “If we only knew”, containing a successful mix of his own and traditional songs. As a criterion for selection, he mentions the honesty and relevance of the writer when he wrote the song. “I must still be able to feel these today. This is the only way for me to find myself with conviction in a song and succeed in making it shine,” Aodán explains, adding, “I love the beauty of things without embellishment.”

Heading for Folk heaven
Teresa Horgan is known as the voice of the major groups FullSet and The Outside Track. The guitarist and arranger Matt Griffin has accompanied more than one great name in Irish folk music and has already left his mark on the IFF with the group Niamh Ni Charra. When such outstanding artists combine as a duo, expectations are naturally great. With the album “Brightest Sky Blue”, they immediately hit the stars. The Irish folk magazine Tradconnect is not the only one to enthuse: “ ... outstanding arrangements of old and new songs ... “ and “ ... a delicious portion of folk paradise on this album.”

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Tuesday, 25-10-2016

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