Constellations (© Grace Euna Kim)

Grace Euna Kim : Constellations

Installation photographique à ciel ouvert
Photography in open space


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A “constellation” is an entity originating from something concrete yet still able to evolve freely. It is flexible and can gather and assemble additional elements and take on various forms under the influence of a creative and irrational spirit. The term is also associated with the more illustrative world of astronomy. This paradigm is born from the subjective view of an observer, who traces the fragments by interconnecting them to form a new entity, a fictive pattern that in itself is but a variable...

“The constellation is a metaphor of photography, within the diversity of thinking and the approximation of the heterogeneous.” (1) 

The “Constellations” of Grace Euna Kim do the same, presenting a myriad of disassociated worlds on glossy paper surfaces. Her photographs form visual collages, their various elements inspired by the artist’s travels. Yet these worlds appear to be immersed in the subconscious. Patterns and shapes are laid out like free particles and arranged in an imaginary and fanciful way, creating landscapes that are both surreal and narrative in nature.

Text : Annick Meyer, Clervaux - cité de l'image
English translation by Claire Weyland

(1) Anne Immelé in “Constellations photographiques” Médiapop éditions, June 2015, as quoted on the back cover


Grace Euna Kim is an artist working in photography, video and performance. Her photographic works address the illusory constructs of time, space and existence, and the potentiality of the medium itself to reflect simultaneous death and birth of the memory image. In 2012 she was recognized as a Foam Talent for her series, Constellations, and was subsequently shortlisted for the Hyères Photography Prize and nominated for the Arcimboldo Prize. Her work has been presented in numerous contexts including White Box (New York), Galerie Madé (Paris), Galerie Stuczna (Warsaw) and the Museum of Nonconformist Art (St. Petersburg). She has been featured in The Humble Arts Foundation Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography, Foam Magazine, Paper Magazine, Sleek Magazine and The Independent, among others. Grace Euna Kim is currently a PhD candidate in the European Graduate School’s department of Philosophy, Art and Social Thought, and is based between Berlin and New York.

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