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Luxembourg audiences are very familiar with Koen Augustijnen and his works. This time, four choreographers and four musicians, with different artistic experiences and ideas, coming from different continents, cultures, and countries, are meeting onstage over a banquet of food. They talk, drink, laugh, dance, and prepare food together. A simple meeting that is a starting point to a more complex choreographic and conceptual performance structure. Beytna is an invitation into the home of another, it is also the artist's professional and choreographical construction. It is an invitation that confirms diversity, touches on forms and situations of the past, and searches for a new rhythm, pattern, and logic.

"With good friends ... and good food on the board ... we may well ask, when shall we live if not now?" M.F.K. Fisher, The Art of Eating.

Concept & direction Omar Rajeh Performed by Koen Augustijnen, May Bou Matar, Adnan Joubran, Samir Joubran, Wissam Joubran, Youssef N. M. Hbaisch, Omar Rajeh, Anani Sanouvi, Shang-Chi Sun
Guest Choreographer / Dancer Piere Jovic (27.06) & Léa Tirabasso (28.06) Choreographed by Koen Augustijnen, Omar Rajeh, Anani Sanouvi & Hiroaki Umeda
Music Composition Le Trio Joubran
Percussion Youssef Hbaisch
Voice Nohad Rajeh
Scenography & costumes Mia Habis
Technical director Ricardo Armando Clementi
Lighting design Victor Duran Manzano
Tailor Georges Jamo
Graphic design & video animation Joe Elias/Nimslabs
Photography Tony Elieh Produced by Maqamat Beit el Raqs
Co-produced by BIPOD-Beirut International Platform of Dance, Tanzquartier Wien, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, CCN de La Rochelle / Cie Accrorap-Direction Kader Attou, Theater im Pfalzbau-Ludwigshaven, and Fondazione Fabbrica EuropaMardi 27  JUIN 2017 à 20h00 (tickets)
Mercredi 28  JUIN 2017 à 20h00 (tickets)
DURÉE 80 minutes (pas d'entracte)

Adultes 20 € / Jeunes 8 € / Kulturpass bienvenu Lieu: Grand Théâtre / Studio

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- Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG - Luxembourg

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1 Rond-point Schuman

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20:00 (Horaire)
Tuesday, 27-06-2017

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27-06-2017 20:00

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