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Breakin' Convention - the world's biggest festival of hip-hop dance theatre, showing the very best from around the world and around the corner - is back again! The first edition of Breakin' Convention is still being prepared as this season brochure goes to print. What can already be said though is that the collaborative effort from everyone involved in its organization has been phenomenal. All the various departments from the City of Luxembourg, the Théâtres de la Ville and the Breakin' Convention teams have worked really hard to make this first edition a success. The involvement of local acts in the evening performances, the festival spirit inside and outside the Grand Théâtre with food trucks, graff artists, DJ's, workshops and the Freestyle Funk Forum all contribute to this unique event and help opening up the venue to new artists and reaching new audiences too.

In order to build on this experience and to develop these new relationships the Théâtres de la Ville have decided to follow suit immediately with this second edition in 2017, which will hopefully be even bigger and attract even more interest than the first. Remember that you can be part of it and perform on the main stage of the Grand Théâtre by applying with your act.

Check for more details and join the team!

» One of the world's leading showcases of hip-hop dance and dance theatre?... The Guardian

» There is simply no other event in London's dance calendar that is as exciting, humorous, sexy and political - all in one full-to-bursting package. The Times

Parvis activities (outside)
Graff jam - live aerosol art
Resident DJs and open dance circles
Showcases from local hip hop dancers
Rap performances
Catering - Foodtrucks
Afterparty (only Saturday at 22.30pm) Foyer activities (inside)
Graff Zone
Resident DJs and dance circles
Showcases from local hip hop dancers
Free taster workshops - come and learn different hip hop dance styles
Dance Jam session (only Sunday at 3pm) Artists:
Corbi & Band, 100Crew, La Relève, Edel Weis, Hotrox, Giamba & Friends, DJ Jean Maron, DJ Kwistax, DJ Nikkel K, DJ Psykhomantus, Mik140, Riots, Stick, Art in Motion, Queenzcube, The Rejects, Sadat Sekkoum (GC Mixité), a special guest from East Block Party... STAGE PERFORMANCES HOSTED BY JONZI D AND
KENDRA HORSBURGH Studio 6pm - 7.00 pm
Freestyle Funk Forum (International) Grande Salle Sat 17 June 7.30pm
Far From the Norm (UK)
Just Dance (South Korea)
Mystik (Belgium)
Nebula (Luxembourg)
Room 2 Manoeuvre (UK)
Salah (France)
Style A-tec (Germany)
Temps Danses Urbaines (Belgium)
Tentacle Tribe (Canada) Grande Salle Sun 18 June 7.30pm
Far From The Norm (UK)
Fatal Fury (Luxembourg)
Interdependency (Luxembourg)
Jane Sekonya (South Africa)
Oxygen (Netherlands)
Just Dance (South Korea)
Room 2 Manoeuvre (UK)
Salah (France)Samedi 17  JUIN 2017 à 17h00 (tickets)
 Dimanche 18  JUIN 2017 à 15h00 (tickets)
Adultes 25 € / Jeunes 8 € / Kulturpass bienvenu Lieu: Grand Théâtre

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- Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG - Luxembourg

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15:00 (Horaire)
Sunday, 18-06-2017

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