Arsilda, Regina di Ponto

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Vivaldi composed Arsilda, Regina di Ponto for the Venetian theatre of Sant'Angelo in 1716. Arsilda's complex and totally implausible plot - concocted by his librettist Domenico Lalli - is typical of early eighteenth century works in its use of love intrigues, mistaken identity, and musical features such as simile arias. Tamese is set to become King of Cicilia but he is shipwrecked and presumed dead. His twin sister Lisea cannot become queen as the line of succession to the throne is exclusively male. Therefore Antipatra, mother of the twins and interim queen since the death of her husband convinces Lisea to disguise herself as a man and take on her brother Tamese's identity. This in turn means that Lisea is now engaged to Arsilda, daughter to the King of Pontus. There are many twists and turns until the real Tamese returns - he did not perish in the accident - and all ends well with a double wedding.

This Luxembourg coproduction is under the musical direction of Václav Luks, founder of the Prague baroque orchestra Collegium 1704 which previously delighted Luxembourg audiences with the production of L ? Olimpiade . With Luks, Collegium 1704 has quickly established itself among the world's elite ensembles devoted to performing the music of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Direction musicale Václav Luks
Mise en scène et scénographie  David Radok
Peinture Ivan Theimer
Costumes Zuzana Ježková
Chorégraphie Andrea Miltnerová
Lumières P?emysl Janda
Assistante à la mise en scène Veronika Sta?ková Lisea Lucile Richardot
Arsilda Olivia Vermeulen
Barzane Kangmin Justin Kim
Tamese Fernando Guimarães
Cisardo Lisandro Abadie
Mirinda Lenka Máciková Choeur Collegium Vocale 1704 Orchestre Collegium 1704 Production Théâtre National de Bratislava
Coproduction Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, théâtre de Caen, Opéra de Lille, Château de Versailles Spectacles, Collegium 1704 Première de cette production au Théâtre National de Bratislava le 9 mars 2017Mercredi 31  MAI 2017  à 20h00 (tickets)
Vendredi 2  JUIN 2017 à 20h00 (tickets)
DURÉE 2h20 & entracte
Introduction à l'opéra par Monsieur Jérôme Wigny des Amis de l'Opéra une demi-heure avant chaque représentation (en langue française)Adultes 65€, 40€, 25€ / Jeunes 8€ / Kulturpass bienvenu Lieu: Grand Théâtre / Grande Salle

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Wednesday, 31-05-2017

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