Paul Fox

Paul Fox (© Photo: Frank Meiers)


Carte blanche pour Paul Fox

Paul Fox

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Carte blanche pour Paul Fox 11.02.2017 20:00, Salle de Musique de Chambre

Paul Fox drums, composition
Crinan Wood
Claudine Muno guitare, vocals
Jamie Reinert guitare, pedal steel guitar
John Schlammes contrebasse
Marly Marques Quintet
Marly Marques vocals
Jitz Jeitz saxophone, clarinette
Claude Schaus piano
Laurent Peckels basse
Paul Fox Collective
Markus Ehrlich saxophone, clarinette, flûte
Zacharias Zschenderlein guitare
Volker Engelberth piano
Martin Simon basse, contrebasse
Stephanie Neigel vocals

The Music of Paul Fox

Detailed information will be communicated in our monthly programmes from autumn 2016 on.

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20:00 (Beginn)
Saturday, 11-02-2017

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