Biisserbréck, Luxembourg
Biisserbréck, Luxembourg (© CC-BY-SA Europeana 1914-1918)

Vieux Viaduc Pulvermühle (Biisserbréck)

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The Pulvermuhl Viaduct (Biisser Bréck in Luxemburgish) is a two-lane railway viaduct in Pulvermuhl in eastern Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. The viaduct crosses the Alzette valley between the north exit of the Luxembourg station and the Rham Plateau.

The structure has a length of 242 meters and is up to 37 meters high. It was opened along with the railway track in 1862 and has been electrified since 1988 [2] This structure (as well as the other two viaducts in the city of Luxembourg) are based on plans of Waring Brothers Company.

Source: Wikipedia

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Vieux Viaduc Pulvermühle (Biisserbréck)


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