Recherche scientifique au MnhnL
Recherche scientifique au MnhnL

Centre de recherche scientifique du Musée national d'histoire naturelle


The scientific research centre of the National Museum of Natural History of Luxembourg was created by the grand-ducal regulation of the 10th November 1982. Its aim is to carry out research in every domain of the natural patrimony and to contribute to its conservation.

The research activities concern the fields of botany, ecology, geology-mineralogy, geophysics-astrophysics, palaeontology, population biology, vertebrate and invertebrate zoology. The museum staff conducts the research activities in co-operation with research associates and external scientists.


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The current research programs concern for example a national survey of poorly studied insect groups, the ecology of the polecat, the synopsis of the vegetation of grasslands and forests of Luxembourg, the impact of climatic change on competition behavior of Fagus sylvatica and Quercus petraea, chorological studies on several neophytes, the population biology of endangered plant species and the study of late triassic vertebrates.


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Centre de recherche scientifique du Musée national d'histoire naturelle

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