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In the village centre of Binsfeld you find the 300 years old farmer’s house “A Schiewesch”, which, along with its neighbouring buildings, has been renovated according to traditional rural methods. Today, it homes the most important and complete museum of this kind in the wider region. Across 13 rooms in both houses you can admire more than 1100 exhibits. The wide selection of rural household pieces, which were used in the last 300 years, gives the visitor an insight into ancient rural life. The cultural development of the Ardennes region from the 16th century onwards is rendered in various rooms, ranging from kitchen to living room, bedroom, shoemaker’s and weaver’s workshops.
The curved ceiling of the cellar exemplifies the construction skills of past generations.
In addition, there’s an exhibition of larger machines in the neighbouring stables, like for example installations of a village dairy and of a carpenter’s workshop.
The large barn contains a multitude of old agricultural machines, starting with an ancient wooden plough and through to a reaper-binder and a threshing machine from the 1960s.
A total of 1200 exhibits, all skilfully renovated, are shown in an informative guided tour through the rooms. The visitor gains a deep insight into the culture and way of life of the rural population.
The museum is open every day from Easter to the beginning of November, from 14.00 to 18.00. It’s closed on Mondays (except on public holidays). Groups can also reserve a tour at other times than the normal opening hours. Phone number: (00352) 979820 – Fax: (00352) 979819 or Email:
A challenging animation programme offers groups of young people or school classes an enjoyable stay of up to a week.


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