Sang a Klang
Sang a Klang (© Ralph Thein)

Salle Sang & Klang Pafendall

Sang a Klang - vue de l'intérieur
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The concerts of the Blues Club Lëtzebuerg take place in the 'Sang a Klang' in the city of Luxembourg. This hall is an old theater that was built between 1920 and 1922 by the 'Sang a Klang a.s.b.l.' choir and can hold 250 people.
Since the Blues Club decided to organize its concerts there, it has become the Mecca for blues in Luxembourg.

This enchanting hall is located in the protected district of Pfaffenthal, at the foot of the old fortifications.

!!! The hall is only open on the evenings on which concerts are organized !!!

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- Blues Club Lëtzebuerg a.s.b.l., LUXEMBOURG - Luxembourg

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Salle Sang & Klang Pafendall

1 rue des Trois Glands

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