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Cercle Cité

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Cercle Cité: a vibrant multifunctional centre in the heart of the city

With the new architectural ensemble of the Cercle Cité, the City of Luxembourg provides the local community and visitors with a vibrant multifunctional infrastructure in the heart of the capital. Combining the recently refurbished Cercle municipal (a former town hall) with a modern socio-cultural centre built on the site of the former Ciné Cité cinema, this unique venue on Place d’Armes offers a wide range of activities.

The Cercle Cité, which forms part of a comprehensive action plan initiated by the city council, plays a key role in the city’s efforts to improve its image. By providing an accessible and convivial platform, it will help increase the appeal of the city centre to locals and visitors alike. The Cercle Cité, which aims to contribute to the revitalisation of this part of town, has been designed to reach out to a large public and sharpen Luxembourg’s profile as a cosmopolitan and dynamic city.

The architectural concept of the new complex is both innovating and user-friendly, staging a deliberate contrast between the historic and monumental architecture of the former Cercle municipal and the contemporary design of the Cité. Underlining the synergy between the two buildings is a glass-panelled connecting footbridge.


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Cercle Cité

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Cercle Cité

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Cercle Cité

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