Musée européen Schengen - Das europäische Museum Schengen


The European Museum Schengen opened on June 13th, 25 years after the signing of the Schengen Agreement, and it is located in Schengen, a wine village in the tripoint of Luxembourg-Germany-France on the Moselle.
It was here where on June 14th in 1985 representatives of the five EU member states Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg met on the passenger ship MS Princesse Marie-Astrid to sign an agreement eliminating border controls, the so-called Schengen Agreement.

This permanent exhibition on the history and significance of the Schengen Agreement, on 200 square meters of exhibition space, seeks to show visitors that the elimination of controls of persons at the internal borders put into practice one of the four foundational European freedoms set down in the Treaty of Rome in 1957.

Over the past 25 years the concept of the “Schengen Area” has become a positive symbol for freedom of movement and the elimination of borders in Europe. The permanent exhibition of the "Musée européen Schengen" conveys a basic knowledge of several independent sets of topics.

All exhibition texts are offered in French, German and English.

The entrance is free.


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Guided visits on request (adult, youth, student)
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Phone ( 352) 26 66 58 10

Conferences :
The exhibition room of the European Museum Schengen can be rented for conferences (max. 50 seats). The room is equipped for audiovisual presentations.
Information et reservation
Phone ( 352) 26 66 58 10
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Coming from Luxembourg: A3 direction airport, A13 direction Saarbrücken, Remich, Hellange, exit N° 13 Remich/Schengen, N10 direction Schengen

Coming from Saarbrücken : B406/E29 direction Saarbrücken-Klarenthal (50,5km), A8 direction Perl-Borg, cross the boarder, exit Remich/Schengen, N10 direction Schengen

Coming from Metz: A31 direction Luxembourg, exit 37.2 direction Trèves-Illange, N153, direction D654 Sierck-les-Bains, after Sierck cross the German border, continue on B419, take B407 direction Luxembourg, enter on Luxembourg territory, Schengen

The access to the museum is adapted to the needs of disabled persons.


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Musée européen Schengen - Das europäische Museum Schengen

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Musée européen Schengen - Das europäische Museum Schengen

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