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Musée des Bus et des Tramways de la Ville de Luxembourg

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The City of Luxembourg "Tramsmusée" is located in the buildings of the public transport service, on Rue de Bouillon, in the Hollerich district of Luxembourg-City. The building itself was constructed recently, at the same time as the second phase of the service's vehicle maintenance and repair shop. The outside of the building is reminiscent of a tramway depot. The museum was inaugurated on 27 March 1991.

Towards the beginning of the 1960's, the people in charge of the public transport service started putting together the first items for the collection which today constitutes the museum. This period also saw the dismantling of the tramway network which was gradually replaced by buses. A certain feeling of nostalgia for the tramway took root, which certainly encouraged the growth in the collection of cars and souvenirs from this era. In 1963, at the time of the millenium celebrations of the city of Luxembourg, and in 1964, the final run of the electric tramway, scaled-down models of tramways on a scale of 1:8 were built in the public transport service's maintenance and repair shop. These were part of an exhibition in the city centre on the occasion of these festivities. Other scaled-down models of tramways and buses have been constructed; photographic documents and films have been collected, often coming from private collections; old machines have been restored and preserved, and in 1975, during the construction of the first phase of the car depot buildings on Rue de Bouillon, a small area was set aside for storing motor coach 34, and some other objects which are typical of the old tramways and buses. This "museum" was open by appointment to persons in the know. But it was not until 1991 that all the equipment collected by the public transport service over the past 30 years was shown to the general public.

Today, the Tram Museum has 2 tramway motor coaches in running order, 2 tramway trailers, a life-size replica of a horse-drawn tramway, two buses, a car for catenary maintenance, 22 scaled-down models on a scale of 1: 8, nearly 8000 photos, and a quantity of old equipment originating from the public transport network operation. In addition, some cars or buses are still waiting to be restored. It goes without saying that the management of the City bus service is grateful to anyone who donates documents which will enrich the Tram Museum collection.

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