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 Housed in a renovated 19th century farm house, the country life museum shows a variety of machinery, implements and vehicles spanning across 170 years. Many aspects of village and rural life are displayed in realistic, individual settings and explore themes such as seasonal farming, tools and crafts linked to the rural industries as well as social aspects of village life from the 1800s (school, domestic life and trade, among other areas).

The carriage museum is located approximately 200 meters from the country life museum. Among the vehicles on display are six carriages which belonged to the Grand-Duke’s court, including the large ‘Gala Coupé’. A complete wheel- and cartwright’s workshop is exhibited besides the various models of carriages; some in their original state, others restored.

The excavations in the ‘Genoeserbusch’, a forest near Peppange, have revealed one of the largest medieval forges in Europe. The findings, along with replicas of furnaces and their working methods are explained in a pavilion. The permanent exhibition, ‘anvils, hobs and ovens’ is the logical continuation of the ‘ancient metallurgy’ section.

The museum café offers a welcoming terrace in a rural atmosphere where you can extend your visit.

Guided tour of the country life museum: /- 90 min.
Guided tour of the carriage museum: /- 45 min
Guided tour of the ‘ancient metallurgy’ section: /- 30 min
Guided tour of the monastery in Peppange: /- 30 min

Guided tours may be combined and can also include a carriage ride.

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Musée Rural et Artisanal

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Musée Rural et Artisanal

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