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Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations Humaines

centre de documentation sur les migrations humaine
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The Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations Humaines (CDMH) founded in 1993 in Dudelange aims contributing to a better understanding of Luxembourg’s rich and plural migration history. Besides benefiting from a historical and ongoing presence of various immigrant communities the country counts indeed itself a large number of expatriates.

The CDMH is run by a non-profit organization supported by Luxembourg’s Ministry of Culture and the City of Dudelange. The association takes part in the activities of several international networks of associations, public bodies and research institutions.

The Documentation Centre hosts the siege of the European Migration Heritage itinerary within the framework of the Council of Europe’s Cultural routes.

The activities of the Documentation Centre focus on
• Identifying, collecting, inventorying, prospecting archives linked to migration history (archives: documents, photos, interviews and databases; architecture, urbanism; literature, traditions…)
• Fostering a migration archives based academic research (internships, conferences, workshops, training…)
• Disseminating the knowledge on migration history and migration heritage (exhibitions, publications, talks, walk…)

The Documentation Centre is hosted in the Dudelange-Usines train station in the enclave “Italien”. Located near the former steel mill and mining area, this unique lieu de mémoire of the Italian immigration to Luxembourg and of Luxembourg’s working class in general, continues to be inhabited mostly by immigrants. Its history and its peculiar architecture offer a unique testimony of the socio-cultural heritage of Luxembourg’s Bassin minier. Today the district is valued as a museum without walls.

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Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations Humaines

rue de la Gare Dudelange - Usines


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