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Tessy Fritz, Roxane Maréchal


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Tessy Fritz

Tessy never gets tired of listening to the stakeholders’ requests. She is the “collecting point” of information and impulses of the different targets of the portal. Priority themes, job Offers, call offers, contests, news, requests, criticisms, praises, search for financing –

She wants it all! She collects, sorts, processes, answers, questions and altogether with her team – coordinates, “feeds” and bring to life the portal.

She is also the binding element between Plurio.net and Culture.lu, (i.e. ensures the good flow of information of the agenda and directory from one portal to the other) and she naturally stays in touch with all the current evolutions in the field of cross border cooperation in the Greater Region.

T: +352 46 49 46 26



Roxane Maréchal

Roxane is part of the administration of Plurio.net and assists cultural actors in publishing their events on Plurio.net. She supports Tessy in the editorial work of Culture.lu in researching, charging and translating the contents for the publication on the website. She is member of the editorial board of Culture.lu.


T: +352 46 49 46 24

M: roxane.marechal(at)culture.lu



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