Why, par Ksayer1, CC BY-SA 2.0  
Why, par Ksayer1, CC BY-SA 2.0

Why should you visit culture.lu?


Initiated by the Ministry of Culture, CULTURE.LU is the official cultural portal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is a source of information for artists and cultural decision-makers. It encourages different audiences to explore creativity and to discover the cultural landscape of the country. Culture.lu also aims to be an interactive forum where participants engage in a thought-provoking exchange of viewpoints and share information on our society’s current and future challenges.

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Considerable investments made by the Luxembourg government have generated a diverse cultural landscape consisting of a large number of institutions and a plethora of cultural events. These developments also testify to the quality of artistic production in Luxembourg.

With culture.lu the Ministry of Culture sought to set up an innovative national cultural portal that would support its efforts to promote contemporary art and cultural heritage in Luxembourg and to raise awareness about the cultural sector among the general public.


Culture.lu is a multi-purpose platform:

  • Cultural decision-makers may use it to find information that will facilitate their undertakings. The portal strives to become an information and communication platform for culture professionals that meets the needs and requirements as identified and drafted by the Ministry of Culture using sector-generated feedback.
  • The portal provides an insight into Luxembourg’s current cultural landscape for national and international audiences. It gives visitors from the Grand Duchy and abroad an overview of the entire cultural programme on offer and acts as a key promotion tool for Luxembourg’s cultural sector.
  • Non-professional users can access the portal out of personal interest or for career-related reasons.
  • Our website also contains education and economics-related information. Content can be accessed in a range of media.
  • A directory of the cultural sector’s key players and details on the country’s cultural schedule are available for both producers and consumers of culture.

Culture.lu is part of a wider government initiative that encourages the setting up of specialized online portals in order to make the most of the opportunities offered by information society technologies and social media.

The portal is in permanent evolution and lifes with the participation of the operators in the cultural sector. 



Ministry of Culture Luxembourg, published on 2013-02-26, updated on


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