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© Marlene Soares

Reis / Demuth / Wiltgen

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Michel Reis

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Sonntag, 23.04.2017, 17h00  
Michel Reis, Marc Demuth and Paul Wiltgen are three of Luxembourgʼs most up and coming jazz musicians. They formed the Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen Trio in 1998 while still in high school and performed on a regular basis in and around Luxembourg. The trio reunited in 2011 eager to share their experiences and new compositions. Their self-titled first album was released on Laborie Jazz to widespread critical acclaim. Since the release, the band has toured throughout the world and has appeared at major international jazz festivals in Europe and Asia. The band's sophomore album "Places In Between" was recorded in New York City and released on Double Moon Records (Laborie Jazz/France, Mocloud Records/Japan). The repertoire of this recording was premiered at a festival in Luxembourg where the trio featured the world-renowned saxophonist Joshua Redman.

"Places In Between captures the essence of our trio and of the music on this album. We are three Luxembourg artists who are based in different locations. Most of the time we are connecting either online or on tour when we are away from our respective homes. The title is reflective of the times when we are traveling together with all the experiences we amass - the fun and bizarre, magical and surreal - moments that cement our friendship and expand our creativity. The songs in 'Places in between' also present musically, those moments in a person's life - whether they occur during travels or during a major transition - that are pauses from the routines of daily life; it is often during these unexpected moments that mystery takes hold and magic unfolds." (Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen)
Klavier: Michel Reis
Bass: Marc Demuth
Drums: Paul Wiltgen 

Verbundene Organisationen

- Kulturhaus Niederanven asbl., NIEDERANVEN - Luxembourg

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