SPARKS au Luxembourg

SPARKS au Luxembourg

EXPOSITION SPARKS "Au-delà du labo : La révolution de la science faite maison"

EXHIBITION SPARKS "Beyond the lab : The Do It Yourself science revolution"



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The Do It Yourself science revolution has started. Would you join the movement?

Discover eight exceptional stories about Do It Yourself scientists that have democratized scientific research in Europe by taking it out of professional labs and bringing it into our homes.

Come to visit the exhibition and participate in many interactive events. Meet scientists from Luxembourg for a science espresso. Learn more about the research they do, ask questions about their research topics and participate in interactive demonstrations!
Become involved yourself in scientific debates:  Scientists will ask for your advice during our reversed science café on personalized medicine.

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The Luxembourg Science Center has adapted this traveling exhibition and will animate it in Luxembourg from 17 September until 11 November 2016

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Science is done by scientists. Or is it?

This exhibition explores seven remarkable stories of people who are opening up scientific research to everyone, taking it out of professional labs and into homes, workshops and back yards.

From people who build their own medical devices to manage their diabetes, to community groups measuring pollution, a growing number of ‘do-it-yourself scientists’ around the world are busy hacking, experimenting and inventing.

Equipped with low-cost sensors, smartphone apps and the ability to share information with communities online, these DIY science pioneers are challenging our ideas of who a scientist is and what science will look like in the future.

This traveling exhibition is part of the European project « Sparks » that aims to promote responsible science and innovation. Developed by the Science Museum in London and financed by the European program Horizon 2020, the exhibition will travel to 29 European countries within the next 2 years. The Luxembourg Science Center has adapted the exhibition in Luxembourg and will animate it at the Forum Geesseknäppchen.


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