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SUR Factory Asbl Event Producers and Cultural Management

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 Sur Factory organizes and produces events that range from festivals, exhibitions and shows to corporate and social events, with the purpose of creating a unique experience.

We are a bridge, the meeting point, the stage between South American contemporary art and Europe.

Our mission is to create channels that promote the participation of the Luxembourgish community in the cultural dynamic and innovative artistic projects produced in South America.

In Luxembourg we found the ideal place to generate these projects: it is multicultural, there are great venues, opportunities and public that is interested in these cultural events and contemporary art.

Our strength is based on a team with diverse backgrounds and experiences in different parts of the world. This combination results in unique solutions and projects.

We combine experience, creativity and taste to model ideas and make them come true. We enjoy the diversity, flexibility and challenge that characterize this field of work.

We aim to develop our clients’ ideas and materialize them successfully. Our trademark is a multicultural background.

We offer quality management, total commitment to the project, an innovative perspective and the skills to interpret the needs of our clients.

We offer professional services in cultural management of art projects and the production of events for institutions and companies. We believe our work adds value to these organizations and, foremost, we believe in opening doors between cultures, art and heritage, and the public.

We believe this makes a difference.


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- Kontakt: Cecilia Acevedo Gestion Culturelle

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SUR Factory Asbl Event Producers and Cultural Management




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